2021.10.24 18:46 Knario1954 darkandbizarre

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2021.10.24 18:46 Snappy_Darko (Noob Q's) Balko Bot Delay and more

So, im preparing for a drop that's happening in November for which i plan to use for the first time a Balko bot rented for 1 week from tidalmarket.com. It's for a shopify site that has no captcha (at least their last drop didnt have a captcha). So i watched this dripway Balkobot guide, which seemed pretty thorough, but I still had a few questions remaining.

  1. Regarding delays. So the shop im botting is a small shop and there will be 700 units dropping on the day. Im worried that if im the only one botting then the shop-owner will see that my buying frequency is significantly higher than everyone else's and get suspicious and ban my account/refuse the sale of the items. Is this where i have to play around with the delay? I dont quite get what delays mean, other than it's both to do with your internet speed and also to do with the shopify site (like if its too fast Shopify will like terminate the puchase attempt?)
  2. Say I want to buy 3 items, do i have to set it up for more than 3 and just bite the bullet if I get them all? (the items are quite expensive, like $400 each) - it seems botting is a bit of a gamble like this.
  3. How can I do a trial run of the bot to make sure I understand how the hell it works. Watching a youtube video is one thing, but doing it successfuly on the night is another. Can I do a dummy run?/How do I practice before actually doing it?
Any help for a noob getting in on some small botting puchases would be super helpful -)
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2021.10.24 18:46 dizzlebruv How much cash should I take to Mauritius?

I am taking my partner in 2 weeks time and we are staying in an all inclusive hotel on the east of the island.
The hotel offers spa treatments I would like to book for my partner and some boat trips I would be interested in looking at.
Does anyone have a rough idea how much Mauritian Rupees I should take or should I/can I just use my card for everything
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2021.10.24 18:46 loaamiera Russian Roulette

Lila cooed over Daniel. He really was such a cute baby, and she loved him with her whole heart. As soon as she found out she was pregnant she went a bit crazy, buying several child parenting books and enrolling her and Paul in all kinds of classes. None of them talked about a baby being this unhappy. If only he would just stop crying already. She sighed, turning her head away from him in an attempt at privacy. “This isn’t your fault,” she whispered to herself. Paul had taken him to the doctor thrice, but there was nothing wrong with him. He just liked to cry. Daniel cried when he was hungry and when he was too full. He cried when he was too tired and when he had had too much sleep. He cried at new people and he cried whenever left alone. It’ll get better, she told herself. Still, she could feel the shadow of her mother looming over her shoulder, her head seeming to touch the ceiling. What would she say?
Paul had tried his hardest with Daniel. He really had. Him and Lila had both always wanted a son, and so he made sure to work hard to make him happy. It never seemed to be enough though, and Paul could never figure out why. Daniel was still always challenging rules. He was outgoing and humorous, but the lack of inhibition could make him difficult quickly. Paul finally suggested that he see a psychiatrist when he was 10. “He’s too old to still be biting people.” he whispered urgently to Lila, to which she pointed out that Daniel always apologized to his 4 year old sister, just like the parenting books said he should.
Daniel’s phone would not stop ringing. The contact name read “mother.” What did this woman want with him? Sometimes, no, all of the time, he decided, he hated her. He declined the call again, and the serenity that filled him from the act was like taking a pill and finally clearing a migraine that’s been pounding at your head all day. He looked down at the joint in his hand. “If only you could be something else.” He was by the highschool he would be going to next year, hiding behind a wall at a basketball court. His sister would never forgive him if he were about to do something else. He had brought his backpack to carry his weed in, as he had cut a secret pouch in it a few years ago that had yet to be discovered, even after several searches by administration and his dad. He imagined himself now holding the bag to his chest, one arm reaching in it inside the school. The girl he was supposed to meet up with showed up ten minutes later. She wore a skirt and a tank top, and he couldn’t help but notice that the sun was illuminating her shoulders. She was hot, he thought to himself. Her face was pink, as she had also walked all the way from the middle school. She was a seventh grader to be exact. By then the joint was already gone, but there had to be something else that they could do. Luckily for him, boys like him had plenty of ideas of what to do. The whole time he wished he was doing something else.
Daniel was awoken by his mother standing over his bed. She had a cake in her hands with 16 candles on it. He smiled lazily and shook his head, following the treat down to the kitchen. Everyone was smiling but his sister, who seemed to be more interested in her cereal. He nudged her, but she never looked up. Lila asked him again if he wanted a birthday party, and his charm left with his eyes as they rolled to the ceiling. He had told them countless times that he just wanted to be able to stay home from school with a couple of friends. He could feel his tension slipping away as he thought of their plans. His dad was eyeing him, but when Daniel came back to Earth and joined the conversation he stopped. Paul never mentioned anything to Lila.
Cindy heard the news straight from Lila herself. She had been at the grocery store shopping for her Easter gathering. She immediately volunteered. She was single and had plenty of time, she figured. Plus she knew what doing anything related to Daniel could do to a woman. Cindy had had Daniel in class when he was 8. He was the exact reason why she jumped up to teaching 10 year olds, as by then the troubled ones are usually weeded out. Cindy now had Daniel’s sister, Samantha, in class. She had met her when Samantha was 3 at Daniel’s weekly parent teacher conferences. Their mother couldn’t find a babysitter she liked. Samantha would sit mildly on her lap, idly watching Daniel argue with Lila and Cindy, who looked like she wanted to yell. Eventually Cindy requested his expulsion. Samantha was staring out the window passively now as her mother thanked Cindy over and over.
Paul remembered a day too late that he had forgotten to stop by Cindy’s. He quickly texted over a list of what kind of wines his family liked. His boss raised an eyebrow at him and he set down his phone in apology. He usually didn’t forget things like this. He had no idea what had gotten into him. Paul barely had any time to himself. His wife, Lila, had to take time off from her job. When he wasn’t spending quality time with her, he was at work. When he wasn’t at work, he was taking Sam to therapy appointments, his eyes glazed over as she brooded and dwelled. And when he wasn’t with Sam, he was thinking about the plans. He should’ve figured out that if he was free he should be with Cindy. Next time he’d do better. The last thing his wife needed was Cindy alerting her that he kept forgetting to come by.
At first Sam liked that all of this kept her mother from micromanaging her, but with only a few days left, now it seemed that who was bothering her had only shifted. Sam was tired of everything being about her brother all of the time. Her teacher, Mrs. Manges, would not stop pulling her in a corner to talk about who he would want to come when she was supposed to be enjoying play time. Whenever her mother mentioned what was going on, no one seemed to want to come. Why couldn’t they get that? Why couldn’t her mother just focus on Sam instead? Did she even remember her birthday was a few weeks from now? Would she even remember when the time came? Sam used to actually like Mrs. Manges. Now she wasn’t so sure. She hated thinking about Daniel. Besides, when had he ever been asked to plan events for her?
Lila just wanted all of this to be over with. She had done none of the planning but felt most of the stress. She felt that the impact was hers alone to bear. What an awful accident. Maybe if she had double checked to make sure that she had locked everything up… Or maybe if they had stuck to Paul’s rule of not letting him have friends at the house alone… It was his birthday. She was more focused on letting him have fun. She didn’t mean for this to happen. She would never mean for this to happen. As they lowered his body into the ground, her husband held her tight in an attempt to stop the sobbing.
Paul tried not to cry. The last thing his wife needed was a lack of support, and the last thing Sam needed to see was her only parent breaking down. He felt guilty though; he had been ten minutes late. The only thing that kept him from losing his composure was the reminder that he would see Daniel again one day.
Sam’s face was redder than the bottom of her soles when she had run out barefoot to catch what Daniel had done to the 6 month old family dog, smiling privately to himself as if he had created some form of art. The memory was fresh; only two years old. Her mother was crying with her head on her dad’s lap, mumbling something to him. Probably that it was an accident, Sam guessed. She had cried in the exact same way on that sunny day. It was the type of sunny that was too hot, and stole any shadows that could potentially serve as shade. “It was an accident,” her mother had whispered over and over, as if the hysteria of summer had finally gotten to her. “You’re crackers,” Daniel used to laugh when Lila caught him messing around. Sam, not really sure what it meant, would join. No one was laughing on that day. The smell of blood in the air seemed to build up on and intertwine with the invisible bond between Sam and her brother. Sam was vowing in her head to never let him play on the leapfrog device she got for Christmas again, and Daniel was vowing to save up allowance to buy her another puppy. In the end the oaths dissolved; Daniel punched his sister when she wouldn’t let him play a game, and he never seemed to be able to afford a dog. Sam remembered how she overheard her mother swearing her own truth to herself later that night; She would burn every single one of those books, like a sort of sacrifice to tranquility. It was like Lila had experienced several lifetimes of chasing Sam, who previously thought that this game was funny, and restraining Daniel, who would never think that this game was funny, under 90 degrees of pressure to prevent the accidents. Sam wished they would’ve had a funeral for her chocolate lab. It was just an accident when he screamed at their mother, and it was an accident when he got suspended at least once a year. An accident was supposed to be something you didn’t mean to do. But when she said she forgot to clean her room on accident her mother didn’t hug her like she did Daniel. If one can change how they apply a word, then how can anyone ever know what someone truly means? How could anyone ever understand or care for a feeling they can only have translated to them in words? She moved away from the hand making an attempt to pat her knee as she reflected with a sobriety that was much older than her.
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2021.10.24 18:46 lordylisa i'm gonna come out to my parents, advice pls

i'm gonna tell my parents in a few days. that i'm pan and agender. i have already decided that i'm gonna do it over text. and i know there is a chance they won't be happy about it, but i feel like i can't hold it in anymore bc i keep hiding my true self. any advice on what or how i should say it?
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2021.10.24 18:46 SUBphilip1300YOUTUBE YESS:):) maybe not mutch but always something 225000 wiew :) yey :) happy happy for the little me now have :)

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2021.10.24 18:46 Nuclear-m0nkey Quidditch Pitch from Harry Potter! Always looking to improve: any critiques?

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2021.10.24 18:46 AlternateBritannia In a full scale invasion. Would The World win against the United States

This does not count nuclear missiles as the United States would be an ash tray
View Poll
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2021.10.24 18:46 memoriesofcold Corporations Claiming to Be Pro-Climate Have Donated to Sinema and Manchin

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2021.10.24 18:46 LaDankSpartan [USA-IL] [H] Refurbed iPhone 12 Mini 256GB UNLOCKED [W] PayPal

Hey everyone! The iPhone is refurbished but hasn’t otherwise been used, I’ve got the original shipping packaging and everything as well as the accessories it came with.
They go for about $630 but I am looking to get $550 OBO. Thanks!
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2021.10.24 18:46 Morticia_Smith Pikeman finding recruits for the Woodscouts:

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2021.10.24 18:46 warmspinachdip [Request] Can you represent Cloudgate a function of x, y, and z?

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2021.10.24 18:46 TanjiroMain I Made Him RAGE QUIT With Hinokami Tanjiro In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles

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2021.10.24 18:46 armoureddragon03 [dorney park] it’s not a coaster but the picture came out too good not to share [demon drop]

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2021.10.24 18:46 AyeLewdd Looking to buy steel

Low on steel and need more for my ammo crafting
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2021.10.24 18:46 fender4645 First time using wipers. They rub hard/bumpy on any setting other than the fastest. Blade problem?

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2021.10.24 18:46 marjakhana it's always the people with bratz doll profile pics 🙄

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2021.10.24 18:46 SlayerNina I would like an spin off or a biography of the Lux workers

I mean... Look at the testimony of the people around there:
Cleaning lady: yes, I do the cleaning at the penthouse... I learned to not put Mr Morningstar shirts with his kinky toys in the laundry machine...
Cleaning lady 2: once I had to bury the body of a female angel in the forest.
Delivery guy: there is sometimes people with wings there. They must be really into cosplay.
Account assistant/Insurance worker: I deserve a place in Heaven. Period.
Random partygoer: it was awesome, specially that time the owner punched his misterious twin brother at the piano.
Random partygoer 2: nice music. Hot chicks. Once I was in a hostage situation with a bomb exploding. But the police brought sandwiches, so...
Random partygoer 3: sometimes the owner starts singing and playing piano at will. He is seen from time to time bleeding around too.
Drugdealers and hookers: cool management. Plenty of business there. 5 stars.
The Brittanys: owww, the penthouse is cool. I wonder why the pizza guy joined us at the jacuzzi instead of Luci that time, but whatever.
Waiter: I do cunnilingus to Maze when she's bored. I also sell drugs.
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