Recap: Ferrum Network AMA with

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2022.01.28 18:34 crytoloover Recap: Ferrum Network AMA with

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2022.01.28 18:34 IalbaSsort Literally just him but worse

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2022.01.28 18:34 extractserrand Andrew Tate - How to be a G Course (High Quality)

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2022.01.28 18:34 Putrid-Yogurtcloset5 Dude just looks shifty… how you could want to work for him, trust him, and think you’re “learning from the best” is beyond me…

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2022.01.28 18:34 CallMeSugarBear Should I sell ATVI now?

I haven't held stock through an acquisition before and I find the news regarding this a tad confusing. If the sale goes through will I be compensated at $95 per share? And is the risk of not selling beforehand that the sale might not end up going through? I'd lose 15% on my investment if I sold at today's price.
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2022.01.28 18:34 ASMR_NeoX ASMR Tapping, Scratching, Hand Sounds & Whispers with Blue Yeti

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2022.01.28 18:34 Material-Pitch-6995 Anyone have a solution to ripped front bumper tabs? Trying to fix the hanging bumper now (no quick release, I feel it looks tacky).

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2022.01.28 18:34 OrganizedCrimeGuy First time GM trashed behind scenes.

My first time as a gm (1 year of player experience) I decided to run the group with my childhood friends. There was 6 of us, and noone besides me had any rpg experience. The game was set in the 40k universe, so gritty and dark events/characters are expected. I spent close to 5 hours with each of my friends, helped them design characters they connected with, and basically taught each of them the system. They were not the type of people to do "imagination" rpgs, and I even went the extra mile to make custom maps on roll 20, and even subscribe to the dynamic lighting system to make it more immersive. I had sound tracks that matched every map to put players in the mood, and I easily had over 100 maps that I hand made dynamic lighting to keep the quality consistent. I was basically ready for anything they wanted to do, and had a map and npcs to show for it.
We were all friends since elementary school and I didn't particularly feel vulnerable, as this would be a learning experience for all involved. I started them off with a intro to role play but giving them a village they were apart of. Here they fleshed out their characters and met each other. An hour into the session only one of my players is responding immediately and noone besides medic is into talking to the npcs. I decided to spice things up, assuming that they would rather skip the introductions after an hour of slowness, and caused the local guard to arrive in town. Here, they were "forced" into conscription to fight the xeno threat. They of course had the option to flee, fight back, lie and desert later, or agree to the conscription. They decided to not cause any issues and continued following the guard.
The guard introduced them to gear, weapons, armor, and things that their characters were built around but hadn't actually received at the start, being peasants and all. Everything seemed to be going well at this point, not just the medic, but everyone was saying how cool the session was outside of character and how they wouldn't change a thing so far. So we continued the session, and they were further introduced to the leadership of the guard, assigned a squad name (which they decided), and had the option of choosing between multiple assignments available for grabs. (In this regiment, the soldiers who accepted the more dangerous missions and survived for were treated with a higher class than other squads.
Most of the players engaged in debauchery, racism against species, crimes of every type, and literally were scummy people. This is 40k, everyone understood that in this universe ANYTHING goes, and as long as nothing to graphic was taking place, I allowed it. They spent more time bullying and assaulting civilians for real life jokes than taking the game serious. Whatever, it's their first rpg ever and I wanted them to have fun, so I didn't stop them or rail road them. The main mission they picked never got started due to their endless crime spree, so they never had any notable encounters to challenge them.
One of my friends ended up having to leave, I assume because he got up from his mic and never responded to me. And everyone collectively decided to end the session there and pick up with the mission they chose.
For 2 hours after the session, I was bombarded with compliments.
"The fact we can go anywhere and do anything is badass!"
"You literally have maps for everywhere we want to go!"
"The descriptions are actually simple and straightforward, and I sort of prefer that way honestly. It makes things go faster."
"I love the lighting system you did, makes me nervous to leave the group."
I ended up leaving the discord to go eat with my medic player, and he told me everything was fun and he was into it.
2 days later the truth comes out. My medic leaks to me that everyone had been talking shit about me, the game, everything. The people that I hung out with on a daily basis since we were 11, basically belittled and lied about everything. I tried to ask them directly about the stuff they said, and only 1 out of the 5 would admit to the trash talking, until medic backed me up and told them that I knew they were lying.
They insulted my maps, my knowledge, my personality, and said the game was slow due to no big combat event. (Again, this was due to them Never leaving the starting 3 maps/town due to their endless crime spree.)
I ended up telling them that I would no longer be hosting any future sessions and that if they would have spoken to me privately and possibly given me some leeway as this was my first time, that the things they were saying wouldn't hurt my feelings.
I was basically then called a snowflake for being upset, and said that I shouldn't have spent all the time and money to make all of those maps, and that they never asked for any of that. (Granted they didn't, but I expected a little appreciation for the days of work I spent on it).
After this point the trust I had for my childhood friends of 10 years was shattered. I remained friends with them for 2 more years, but they ended up making racial remarks about my best friend and became way to political to have anything to do with them.
Now, tomorrow, I start a new campaign with the medic, a new friend and my best friend. I put in the same amount of effort as last time, but I can already tell that they are way more into it then my previous group. And it being star wars, it will definitely be a much easier environment to have fun with.
Tldr: Childhood friends pretended to have fun, lied to my face about their enjoyment, talked massive shit about me and the game, then called me a snowflake.
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2022.01.28 18:34 metaversenews6 CES 2022: Metaverse Hype Permeates Tech Show

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2022.01.28 18:34 Apollexis Why does every single thing in this game have to not make any logical sense? 4x the mats for .8x the experience.

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2022.01.28 18:34 King_of_Lard Rewarding low coin counts.

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2022.01.28 18:34 No-Pie8390 Robinhood- hood is crashing and I have a good amount of doge in RH. Do you think it will go bankrupt and if it does, do I lose of of my doge?

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2022.01.28 18:34 Imaginary_Novel_5482 Anyone else forget your anniversary?

So my 6th wedding anniversary was two days ago and both my husband and I forgot. I never forget important dates like this but things have been so busy and we have sick toddlers. I literally just remembered and texted my husband. Anyone else ever do this? Also, how do you celebrate your anniversary? We need low key, simple ideas since we don’t have a reliable, trustworthy babysitter.
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2022.01.28 18:34 xvgabexv What in review episode is this from?

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2022.01.28 18:34 MrSule26 Fusion loop

It might be a really dumb question, but what should I do after get Pyro Jack with 99 in all status? What do I need to do to create the strongest personas(Like Alice and Lucifer) with 99 in all status too?
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2022.01.28 18:34 planwithaman42 If you were president, what would be the first thing you do?

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2022.01.28 18:34 Slimprodi Cheers to you all. Stay safe out there.

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2022.01.28 18:34 realityissimulation What's your favorite website for Lyme information/ education?

I really like Dr. Marty Ross's, what are some of your recommended information/educational websites? It's so hard to find LLMD and even if we do, most don't take insurance, so I appreciate practitioners who put out good information online.
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2022.01.28 18:34 MissCompany What kissing, sexual intercourse, and vaginal childbirth looks like through a MRI

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2022.01.28 18:34 Soumajeetb The Perfect Pair 💙✨

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2022.01.28 18:34 infoday_us Oil hits 7-year peak on political risks, supply crunch

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2022.01.28 18:34 DemUnderground Omicron BA.2 in Connecticut

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2022.01.28 18:34 percyolimpo Possible chapter 222

Well, for a start let me say that this is based on the theory that Mami will confess to Kazuya (both my part and the orignal one).
First, Mami confesses, no idea how, and following the original theory in the original discussion thread, she paints Kazuya as a victim and Chizuru as a gold-digger. And the more I think about it, the more I see how EASY that would be for her. She will just have to show everyone the rules of the rental company which Chizuru BREAKS LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. The trip itself was a huge no, which Kazuya himself tried to prevent. Then she shows the prices, which we have seen that are basically eating away Kazuya's money. Mami would completely paint Kazuya as the victim, that Chizuru used the fact that Kazuya was in love with her to rob him blind. And with the amount of money that Kazuya spends and the amount of rules that Chizuru broke, that can easily paint her as the bad guy. She paints Kazuya as an even greater victim and, to not make it look like she is simply shooting Chizuru down, says that the reason why Kazuya rented Chizuru in the first place was because she had broke his heart. So, saying that she is also partly responsible, but wants to make things right (I don't know if they know about Mami being his ex-girlfriend. This arc started so long ago I can't remember those details. But even if they don't know, it won't matter much)
Chizuru realizes that Mami fooled her 100% and Kazuya starts to defend her, saying that was never the case, that he was the one responsible for the whole mess, but Mami uses the: see, she fooled him and used him to this point! Basically, the more Kazuya tries to defend her, the more he digs Chizuru's grave.
And so we get Chizuru's "redemption" of this arc. She sees that Kazuya has the chance of not shouldering the blame for the whole thing, and as a thanks for everything (and the fact that she is in love with him), accepts the role of the evil gold-digger. Now that everyone knows, and are clearly going to stop Kazuya from ever entering in contact with her, there is no more reason for her stay, so she says that she will pack her things and go back to home by herself (here she may do so, or his parents, or maybe even his grandmother, will say that they will pay for her to go back, but in another cabinet). Kazuya tries to stop her but then Chizuru puts the nail in the coffin and says the words that have been REPEATED I don't know how many time, and would explain why Reiji insists so much in keeping their relationship purely as client and worker, not even ackowledging their friendship:
"You are just my client."
Kazuya has always thought this, but he never actually hear Chizuru say it (as far as I remember at least) and the blow completely destroys him, making him stop on his tracks and just standing while watching Chizuru leave.
Then there is the Ruka thing which the original user that made the theory said he didn't know how to deal with. Answer: Ruka was sold has Chizuru's friend. So, if Chizuru was lying, it just stands to reason that Ruka would be lying as well. Ruka tries to go against Mami, but Mami points this out, basically destroying all of ruka's credibility (I don't remember if Mami knows that Ruka used to be a rental. If she knows this scene would be way heavier and Ruka would be completely destroyed). And Ruka realizes that Mami had fooled her as well. Ruka tries to talk to Kazuya, Mami stops her, and since Kazuya is mentally broken he doesn't even notice it. Ruka leaves the scene alongside Chizuru.
Kazuya's family and friends take the guy to his room so that he can rest (to those that are wondering about the friend that knew about the rental, his situation would become just like Kazuya with Chizuru, just digging Ruka's grave, so he might as well keep his mouth shut). They all talk and Mami apologizes for not having done anything sooner, they see it's okay, and basically she comes out as the good girl. She may also add there that the reason why she broke up with Kazuya in the first place was because her family wouldn't allow their relationship to keep on going.
Near the end of the chapter Mami will enter Kazuya's room, which she is trusted to by his family, and talks with him, while the guy is still broken. She then tells Kazuya that she does love him and that the reason why she had to break up with him was because of her family. She asks Kazuya if he can forgive her and accept her back. The guy is a complete mess and being further confused by this whole story ends up accepting. Chapter ends with Mami hugging Kazuya, his face still the same blank expression and Mami's with those dark eyes and a smile. When Kazuya gets back home he may find out that Chizuru moved out.
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2022.01.28 18:34 IanMcKellenDegeneres Lando enjoying that warm tortilla life.

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