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Question about Java edition.

Synonyms for ABOUT: apropos, apropos of, as far as, as for, as regards, as to, concerning, of; Antonyms for ABOUT: exactly, precisely, asleep, dormant, dozing ... about: [adverb] reasonably close to. almost. on the verge of. Find 59 ways to say ABOUT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. c.1590–1591, William Shakespeare, The Two Gentlemen of Verona Therefore I know she is about my height.; 1769, King James Bible, Oxford Standard text, Matthew, xx, 3, And he went out about the third hour, and saw others standing idle in the marketplace; 1769, King James Bible, Oxford Standard text, Exodus, ix, 18 Behold, to morrow about this time I will cause it to rain a very grievous hail ... a·bout (ə-bout′) adv. 1. Approximately; nearly: The interview lasted about an hour. 2. Almost: The job is about done. 3. To a reversed position or direction: Turn about and walk away slowly. 4. In no particular direction: wandering about with no place to go. 5. All around; on every side: Let's look about for help. 6. In the area or vicinity; near ... about meaning: 1. on the subject of, or connected with: 2. positioned around a place, often without a clear…. Learn more. About definition, of; concerning; in regard to: instructions about the work; a book about the Civil War. See more. about definition: 1. on the subject of, or connected with: 2. positioned around a place, often without a clear…. Learn more. The Facebook company is now Meta. We build technologies that help people connect, find communities and grow businesses. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

2022.01.28 18:35 767man Question about Java edition.

So I have MC Java through Game Pass on PC. In the Xbox app next to where it says play it said get and showed it was free. I clicked this and it updated the launcher and now it shows I own the game instead of saying play with Game Pass.
So is it possible that I got the Java version for free or am I wrong. Everything I read online says it's not free but I dont know why it would say owned in the app.
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2022.01.28 18:35 Stonesarestones Do you also feel signs of depersonalization

I don't know if this is the right reddit but anyway,
Everytime before I get in the stage of depersonalization, I kinda lose my coordination, for example I try to stand up but fall instead or I think there is a chair and try to touch it, but instead I fall over because my chair is to far away. (when I realized it I'm already an the floor) It always starts about 2 days before I complete get into the depersonalization and I can feel how it get worse every I try to stand up, walk etc. in this two days. It don't go away till the depersonalization is completely gone.(it sometimes comes for a day, or a month and then it goes away for some some) I don't know much about depersonalization so I was wondering if this is a typical symptom and if you can relate.
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2022.01.28 18:35 FickleNegotiation457 Correlation between struggle and industry

Ever realize that the highest grossing industries are industries correlated to the major issues low-wage Americans are perpetually suffering from? That’s also not to mention that they’re usually the same ones paying their workers horribly in the process.
From a Forbes article:
Technology: lack of reliable internet access, access to computers, tech literacy in schools
Food and drink: poor nutrition, outrageously inflated prices, losing access to safe publicly available water
Real estate: soaring cost of houses and rent, horrible landlords and inability to fight them in court, gentrification
Energy: lack of affordable heat, lack of affordable electricity, affordable gas, lack of public transit
Manufacturing: often hard to buy quality goods, over use of products that could cause harm
Healthcare: literally the main structural deficit that often burdens Americans with unreasonable debt, lack of access to quality care, discrimination, prescription prices, lack of access due to type of insurance, denial of procedures
Nearly Half Of America’s Richest Billionaires Have Fortunes In These Two Industries
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2022.01.28 18:35 Wombat_fight Amy advice appreciated.

I have a doctors appointment Wednesday to start my journey of cleaning up. Should I wait till I get medical support to go cold turkey? I’m just afraid I’ll have a seizure or something.
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2022.01.28 18:35 bout_that_action Join Ibotta and get a $10 WELCOME BONUS after submitting your first grocery store receipt

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2022.01.28 18:35 alfredo_Gaming_royal איך

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2022.01.28 18:35 ArtfulMortician $0 VA Retro Payment?

For context:
I currently have IU and am at 90 percent.
I recently filed a claim to increase to 100 percent
In my payment history it shows the following
n/a | 0.00 | Retro Compensation
I have called the VA Help bots and they are pretty tight lipped about the whole thing. I got the whole preparation for notification script and they refused to elaborate.
Anyone been in this situation before and does it mean what I think it means?
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2022.01.28 18:35 Spinopsyx Roean Anatomy: An Inside Look 🔍👀📖 --Internal diagram for my 5 fantasy species that live on planet Roia. Showing them all together and then in separate layers. Details in description.

Roean Anatomy: An Inside Look 🔍👀📖 --Internal diagram for my 5 fantasy species that live on planet Roia. Showing them all together and then in separate layers. Details in description. submitted by Spinopsyx to Avians [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 18:35 alexmorelandwrites The One Show's 20 best BBC shows

The live audience for The One Show put together a ranking of the best BBC shows ever (from a shortlist of 50 compiled by critics etc).

  1. Only Fools and Horses
  2. Doctor Who
  3. Strictly Come Dancing
  4. Line of Duty
  5. Call the Midwife
  6. Gavin and Stacey
  7. Fawlty Towers
  8. Blackadders
  9. Morecambe and Wise Show
  10. The Vicar of Dibley
  11. Dad's Army
  12. Planet Earth I and II
  13. Killing Eve
  14. Dinner Ladies
  15. Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister
  16. Sherlock
  17. The Good Life
  18. Top of the Pops
  19. The Royle Family
  20. Blue Peter
What do you make of the list? Doesn't seem too bad to me, honestly - some big ones missing, and it's got an understandable recency bias, but it's not awful as a kind of representative slice I don't think.
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2022.01.28 18:35 PROfessorShred Made a video with a few tips on how you can save money on your Steam Deck purchase

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2022.01.28 18:35 tiaxz 🔴 Live Now, Want to join me in Shower? 💦

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2022.01.28 18:35 MindStudio Texture Widget Implementation.

Hi, I want to use the Texture widget to display a rgba8888 pixelbuffer, but I can't get the texture registration part to work. (Desktop/Windows C++)
Currently I am using a CustomPaint widget to draw ghe buffer with drawImage() which works quite well but feels like it is not the optimal thing to do.
I receive the buffer as an FFI Pointer to a byte list but I could convert it to a Uint8List if nessecary.
So far I created a plugin and tried to register a texture via the flutterpluginregistrar but the app crashes on launch. Since I can't find any documentation or examples about this (windows specific) I am stuck.
Any help is much appreciated :)
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2022.01.28 18:35 TheDarkSide73 It’s my wife’s 42nd birthday tomorrow (29/01) so we figured it was a sign. I must say I love the Scottsdale Stacker. So glad I found you lot of stacking lunatics!

It’s my wife’s 42nd birthday tomorrow (29/01) so we figured it was a sign. I must say I love the Scottsdale Stacker. So glad I found you lot of stacking lunatics! submitted by TheDarkSide73 to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 18:35 olixius Posted in WorkReform. Let's see how this community responds?

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2022.01.28 18:35 ParticularNo3348 Active people only

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2022.01.28 18:35 banthonnet What to play next? Single player story focused.

I am a huge fan of story-focused games and can easily drop 100s of hours into the same game if the story gets me. I just finished Halo Infinite, before that AC Valhalla. Loved Firewatch and ME LE, also Life is Strange. Didn’t like Control though.
I think about returning to Cyberpunk or yet another play through of RDR2, both games are my all-time favorites. I wish one of them would get a X|S treatment soon.
I never played Gears. I know it’s quite linear but is the story compelling enough? Any other recommendations?
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2022.01.28 18:35 phantom8shee I love it when this happens

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2022.01.28 18:35 jfray81 150 $ for both yesterday, is this a good price ?

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2022.01.28 18:35 Prudent-Type-1187 I cannot live without her

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2022.01.28 18:35 Inevitable_Ad7660 To the girl I wish I could forget.

It's getting close to two years since we last spoke to each other, it's not that I haven't had the opportunity to do such a thing, nor the means to, but that I actively chose not. I fully acknowledge that I lied when I said wanted to be still friends afterward, because I knew what would've come with that, an expectation to restore the status quo so to speak. I didn't want that, I was tired of that game I played with you. Every single time I snuck over to your house, I knew then what was going to play out. We lay in bed for a little while, then we'd have sex. Every. Single. Time. Hundreds of times, and for hours. On multiple occasions, I didn't want to, and yet we did anyways because you pulled that same trick of acting like I was repulsed by you as if not wanting to have sex at that moment meant I didn't love you, and I fucking did. Then you took it upon yourself when I didn't give a quick enough because I was too high to even speak. That event is burned into my memory like it happened just hours ago. Trust me I tried to forget too, why do think we went on for so long? I convinced myself I was overthinking it. Then you blocked one of the closest friends I had after you said you wanted to put your past aside and make amends, befriend her even, and a few weeks later you blocked her because of the guy she was dating. I got two different explanations, yours and hers. When I got yours, it seemed off to me, after hers I realized I had to leave you. It all just clicked. She explained what you did was wrong, what deep down I knew. So I left, but I saw you again when you came into the store I worked at, and I had an anxiety attack, I wonder if you noticed. I just kept bagging while silently suffering, maybe you noticed, you probably didn't however. Then I found out what you told people about us when this girl said she knew how many times we had sex. What in the actual fucking hell is wrong with you. I was dumbfounded you shared that, a number you kept track of like it was a high score. That's the moment I knew I made the right decision leaving you. I only hope I can repair the damage you caused me.
That is all I have to say.
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2022.01.28 18:35 Baronvonkludge I have no crabs, but here’s a Volvo 245 hauling in a fresh battery for a waiting SC64W.

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2022.01.28 18:35 VictorBikBB Create dropdowns/inputs in thinkscript!

Is there a design in ThinkScript to create custom dropdown/inputs like‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­the attached image of the Average Volume filter has for a scan? https://preview.redd.it/b7yv9toc66e61.png?width=2954&format=png&auto=webp&s=ec6d1601bf4e184f58e3ac2c5218d61576f026c3
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2022.01.28 18:35 AlterMagna Bohrok Swarm

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2022.01.28 18:35 HEAL3D Will Inflation Crash the Stock Market or is it all FUD?

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2022.01.28 18:35 Southern-Magnolia12 Man performs CPR on dog and successfully saves him

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