Bitcoin Shows That Trust In The Government And The Gold Standard Isn't Necessary

2022.01.28 19:33 castorfromtheva Bitcoin Shows That Trust In The Government And The Gold Standard Isn't Necessary

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2022.01.28 19:33 OpenSeaXPoster Free Nft giveaway (xpost from /r/opensea)

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2022.01.28 19:33 AnkNoob Deck Stats Reset, "Over 9,000+" Cards in a day prank by friend

My friend got ahold of my phone and did a slightly annoying thing: They added a deck with 10,000+ cards of 1+1=2, 1+2=3 etc. type stuff, set the AutoAdvance to 0 seconds front and 0 seconds back, set the date to January 1st, and let 'er rip. It was a fun surprise to review my stats and see the massive spike, it got a few laughs from the group.
I was hoping deleting the Deck would fix my stats, is there a way to remove the history permanently?
Unfortunately, they synchronized after resetting the date and time. So it's AnkiWeb now :(
Thanks for your help in advance.
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2022.01.28 19:33 MegaGrubby Maps are just a stepping stone. End game transition guide.

Once the league starts there will be many posts about "following X guide and I'm stuck on yellow maps". Or "things were great until I hit T16". Or "I'm good but league content is not possible with this character".
Please keep in mind that getting to maps is just a stepping stone. Think about how many gear changes you made getting to maps. Possibly even more changes are going to get you to the very end game (Maven, etc).
Every end game character has more than 5ex invested. It's a matter of playing and transitioning to end game. It's a common topic here and there have been some good posts about it. Assuming you want the easier version of PoE, you want trade league. If you play trade league you need to trade. If you do trade, you will make currency. You also need to play. Only .001% of players have more than a couple EX upon hitting yellow maps. It's a grinding game. Play, trade, upgrade is the way to end game success. Also make sure you are maximizing time with league content because that's where the currency flows.
90% of the guides that are listed on are going to have very detailed leveling advice. They will most likely show starter gear, mid tier gear and end game versions. You can also compare your character to similar ones over at PoE Ninja (see sidebar). Take a look at some of the snapshots on PoE Ninja. It will give you an idea of how a top player approached gear and tree progression.
At some point, we all hit a wall in maps. At that point, you need to decide what's not working. It may be dps, it may be EHP, or damage over time. I guarantee that if you only have only 5c you can make good progress towards fixing that problem. Then run a few maps then spend another 5c. Unless you are a pro racer, there will be many ahead of you selling gear and that makes plenty of 5c upgrades available. I usually have interim everything. It's often easy to roll a "good enough" cluster jewel until you can afford a more ideal version. Craft of Exile is great for crafting cluster jewels. Use the maximum ilvl that will limit the affix pool and get you your affix(es).
Most leagues I try to play one character but usually end up with two. When does that second character get created? Typically after I tried some end game content (Sirus, many boss Mavens, etc), I don't feel strong and I cannot afford my next upgrade which is probably over 5EX. I know I can just keep grinding but that other build has potential. Many times, when that second build gets on par with the first build, the first build still ends up being the bosser. I'm okay with the second character experience and don't consider it a waste of time. The point is that you can push one character, you can fix them and at some point a long grind will be involved.

Fixing your build
Basic crafting can save you currency
Know exchange rates
I will continue to update this with great information. Hope this helps.
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2022.01.28 19:33 duodave Just bought via humble bundle, new player here

I'm planning to do some upgrades on my current PC. Do people actually use PCBS to plan an actual build?
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2022.01.28 19:33 According-Refuse-704 How do y’all store top loaders?

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2022.01.28 19:33 FaviosDickIsAboveAvg Little Dobber climbing in the snow

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2022.01.28 19:33 TheRazorX A redditor made a website that allows you to visualize virtually every U.S. company's international supply chain. E.g. What products, how much, which factories and where does Walmart import from? (Just type a company in the search box)

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2022.01.28 19:33 dogglesnake Today the official TJPW YouTube Channel will broadcast the first two matches in full! You can watch it absolutely free. Please subscribe if you haven't yet! Join wrestleUNIVERSE if you want to watch even more TJPW!

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2022.01.28 19:33 gurbamusic my cover of Passionfruit 💜

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2022.01.28 19:33 OpenSeaXPoster We’ll be giving away 500 Lovebits for free! Like this post and comment your ETH wallet for a chance to win! Collection Size: 10,000 Mint Price: 0.00214 ETH (~$5) Mint Date: February 14th, 2022 (xpost from /r/opensea)

We’ll be giving away 500 Lovebits for free! Like this post and comment your ETH wallet for a chance to win! Collection Size: 10,000 Mint Price: 0.00214 ETH (~$5) Mint Date: February 14th, 2022 (xpost from /opensea) submitted by OpenSeaXPoster to OpenSeaNFT [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 19:33 adutchmotherfricker Is it though?

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2022.01.28 19:33 gichygichygooo Jill pulling her photography inspiration from attack on titan

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2022.01.28 19:33 NyokoWithering Just some omori art since I finally found an ok art style-

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2022.01.28 19:33 BadgerFlaky A freshly groomed Theonardo

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2022.01.28 19:33 fjmtank Engaged male coworker cheating?

During a conference call, my longtime engaged male coworker accidentally shared his Incognito browser of creepy WhatsApp conversations with lots of different girls in another country. I personally know his fiancée but it’s not appropriate for me to send her the screenshots as I don’t want to risk any retaliation at work. Suggestions (other than report to HR)?
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2022.01.28 19:33 WhatsMarketCap My two Hyde’s are different sizes, is one fake and if so which?

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2022.01.28 19:33 OpenSeaXPoster FREE NFT GIVEAWAY🔥 JOIN DC IN THE COMMENTS🚀| META PHARAOHS (xpost from /r/opensea)

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2022.01.28 19:33 Archivist75 Help requested. Impossible task for DIY takeover of Digital Life with ADC equipment?

Currently have ATT Digital life which is about to sunset due to 3G. I had a quote for local ADC vendor to come install an ADC system using our hardwired sensors and was pleased with the quote. Today when I called to schedule, they told me they're on a 3-4 month backlog due to lack of components and supply chain issues and aren't taking new customers.
Is it a fools errand to try and buy the equip direct and takeover the ATT unit on my own? I'm mechanically inclined but no experience in this field at all.
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2022.01.28 19:33 GamerT1000 Finally unboxed my Mafex Mandalorian Beskar Armor! Can’t wait to get the Hot Toys deluxe version in now

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2022.01.28 19:33 super_salamander56 Dear Jews: If you needed a kidney transplant to save your life, would you accept a kidney from a pig?
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2022.01.28 19:33 Pink_X_Sugar Would you be okay with a trans women in the locker rooms?

I’ve been seeing a lot of things lately about that trans swimmer and something that’s just popped up is something about her team mates being uncomfortable in the changing rooms. The whole article felt like it was formatted to make out trans women as not real women and to create this divide.
Another thing the article mentioned is that she is apparently still attracted to women. I know as a lesbian that I hated locker rooms in high school, so I could imagine how horrible this all is for her. For some reason, some people believe that if you’re attracted to women that you’re going to perv on them, it also made me really uncomfortable during school hearing others talk about this.
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2022.01.28 19:33 LigmaBalls-420 So we are just going to let people post crypto scam videos here and not care about it? Ok. If some ape loses their money to this I tried multiple times to have someone it taken down.

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2022.01.28 19:33 Undercover-Cactus G2 Esports vs Ninjas in Pyjamas / BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 - Group A Final / Post-Match Discussion

G2 Esports 1-0 Ninjas in Pyjamas Mirage: 22-19  
G2 Esports have placed 1st in Group A.
Ninjas in Pyjamas have placed 2nd in Group A.
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dust2 X
X overpass
inferno X
X ancient
vertigo X
X nuke
MAP: Mirage  
Team TT CT OT1CT:T OT2T:CT Total
G2 6 9 1:2 2:2 22
NIP 9 6 2:1 1:0 19
G2 K A D ADR Rating
Aleksib ♛ 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
huNter- 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
JACKZ 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
m0NESY 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
NiKo 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
es3tag 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
hampus ♛ 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
phzy 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
Plopski 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
REZ 0 0 0 0.00 0.00
Mirage Detailed Stats  
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. The Post-Match is looking for new members! Message Undercover-Cactus if you're interested in joining.
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2022.01.28 19:33 Numerous-Possible-74 [Letter]

Dr. Peterson, I am a third generation black veteran from Ohio, and a West Point graduate. I would not have said my life was missing anything crucial before I began listening to your lectures. But since my cousin recommended you in late 2018 I feel like I've been in an advanced dialog with very old ideas that have been searching for expression my whole life. Your genuine search for meaning is so important right now.
I will be attending your lecture in St. Petersburg on Feb 2nd. I purchased the VIP tickets to express my gratitude and support for your endeavors in person. I was asked by a colleague to write the below letter for Black History Month, and I think you may recognize some familiar themes in it. If you're able to digest this before the lecture, I will look forward to accelerating our dialog next week. If not, I hope my words will resonate with you and others when you find the time.
Best Regards & Safe Travels, -Ryan E.
A BAE colleague asked me to consider writing something for African American History Month. It’s been a fraught two years for most Americans so, as a third generation black veteran, this is perhaps a good opportunity for me to share some perspective for an anxious time.
My Aunt Sue is the keeper of family records. She’s narrowed down our earliest ancestor in the Americas to slaves arriving in Maryland in the mid 1600s. Such records are spotty for obvious reasons, but others sharing our family’s names & lineage appear in birth records in North Carolina & Virginia just before the Civil War.
Some others of those ancestors were freed by the 1850s. They migrated to southeast Ohio where they bought land and settled. That’s where my grandfather was born in 1914, where he learned to ride a horse on the family farm. He rode that horse to school with his little sister holding onto his waist, probably like many other Appalachian grade-schoolers back then.
His future bride, my grandmother, was already in my only-slightly-less-rural & vast majority white hometown in Central Ohio with the rest of her family by the 1910s. My great grandfather, Pop Church owned a garage there. Pop had five sons, my great uncles. Grandpa Edwards, his mom and sister moved there when he was about 14 after his dad died. It’s unclear why they couldn’t stay on their farm, but all families have their troubles, and I wouldn’t be here otherwise. It’s easy to overlook later how past hardships begat future blessings, whether through chance, grace, grit, or a combination.
Not long after the attack on Pearl Harbor those six young black men volunteered for the Army. Five of them served, and my grandfather mounted a horse for the 10th US Cavalry Regiment, the Buffalo Soldiers. That unit was disbanded and reorganized a few times before they went overseas so he built runways on Guam as a combat engineer in 1945, dodging occasional pot-shots from Japanese hold outs lurking in the scarred jungle.
When they returned to our hometown they got busy: raising families and building better futures for them than what ours had seen before. Their dignified example of devotion to duty, family, and courage inspired my dad who joined the Ohio Air National Guard in 1967. He retired in 1994 as a Chief Master Sergeant (E9), but he had also inspired my brother to join the Air Guard. My big brother eventually went to Air Force OCS and flight school, flying in uniform for 20 years.
Those men were my idols, but I also drew inspiration from elsewhere. My dad’s base, named after Ohio ace Eddie Rickenbacker, was home to the Tuskegee Airmen when they returned from the war. Their World War II commander Benjamin O. Davis Jr. was an inspiration for me, as was Vietnam infantry leader Colin Powell.
But I embraced our American pluralism young, and was awed by stories of Tecumseh & Black Elk as a boy. I wasn’t much interested in college until I realized that fellow Ohioans & Civil War heroes Ulysses Grant and William Sherman graduated from West Point. I only applied to three colleges (the Naval Academy was my safety school) and I ended up graduating from West Point in 1996, commissioned into the infantry.
West Point was arduous and I stuck it out with a lot of help from two southern white boys, and our black buddy whose parents immigrated to New Jersey from the Caribbean. The infantry was arduous, and I led platoons of mostly white working class men. It wasn’t easy but it was natural because I grew up around those people and I knew their judgment was focused on my performance, not my appearance. I learned to put the mission first, then my men, then me, and I am still very close with many of those brothers.
A story about my grandpa: After he moved to my hometown he was being taunted by two white boys. They called him that ugly N word and chased him. He rounded a corner to find some lumber handy. When they caught up & rounded the corner, one of those white boys caught a 2x4 to the face. There’s a lesson there, and I took it to heart. I was in junior high when one of my classmates called me that ugly word*. A scuffle ensued, and I never heard a white kid say that word again. A black girl in my class said it years later, caught herself, and immediately apologized to me. Ha! There’s a lesson there: When you stick up for yourself, others notice, and you create space to become who you are. (*I was a guest at his wedding years later. Great American family.)
Are these stories even unique? I don’t think so. This is America, there must be millions more stories like these. The only unique thing about these stories is that we don’t hear them enough. We hear plenty of other stories, darker stories, filled with bitterness, resentment, and blame.
I am greater than the sum of my ancestors’ tragedies and triumphs. These United States are greater than the sum of all their sins and blessings. I was blessed to know all about the tragedies, but also the triumphs, and to be raised by black men & women who loved their neighbors and this country enough to risk their lives for all of it.
One more story: After a deployment to Iraq in 2005 & 2006 I tried out to be a Green Beret. A scrawny senior NCO, a genuine hillbilly from West By-God Virginia told me and other trainees: “Every day is selection.” Every day is a test. Remember that, young black Americans.
Your greatest challenges right now may come from those around you, but over the long term they will always be from within: your fear, your doubts, your decisions, and what you make of their consequences. Other people will present obstacles, some from malevolence, others from carelessness, others disguised as too much sympathy, as help. Be wary of all of it. Black sports writer Jason Whitlock said recently that “pity don’t pay no bills.” Not everyone who claims they want to help you truly does, or even can.
Similarly, Stoic philosopher Seneca said that “no man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity, for he is not permitted to prove himself.” Pick a lofty, difficult goal, orient yourself towards it, and start moving in that direction. Beware of those who try to comfort and coddle you along the way because “the obstacle is the way.” Don’t let them rob you of your crucible. That’s where you learn how to create space for yourself and become who you really are.
The love from and for my family, my hometown, and all of my brothers in arms inspired me to chase lofty, difficult, sometimes dangerous goals. This path helped me become who I am, and who I always wanted to be. This love and passion continues to drive me in what I do now. I am grateful to be a part of a great company in BAE Systems. My colleagues in Austin and I are focused on helping our fighting men & women to fulfil their missions, and on living up to BAE’s motto: We protect those who protect us.
This nation needs you. The Army needs you. BAE needs you. You have what it takes, and I look forward to calling you friends and colleagues someday.
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