2022.01.28 18:31 Euphoric_Salt_8935 Zomboid

Anyone want to play zomboid? No friends of mine play unfortunately
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2022.01.28 18:31 FrontpageWatch2020 [#295|+2092|528] In 2004, Lisa Sparxxx broke the work record for having sex with the most men in a single day. She had intercourse with 919 men in 12 hours. [r/trashy]

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2022.01.28 18:31 Timmmar 20-year-old woman (vaccinated) contracted COVID and is now losing both legs to amputation. Local community is rallying to support her expenses.

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2022.01.28 18:31 Clefairysoranberry I would like you all to meet my newest f/o.

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2022.01.28 18:31 durinable How long will it take to get 200 Mythic Essence ?

Do we have any idea on how long it will take ? It is feasible for people who just buy event passes to get 200 ME and get the KDA Kaisa skin that will be abailable for 3 months ?
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2022.01.28 18:31 TenaciousPix Who would want to have a permanent wave mode?

Since a good portion of the ops already have ability’s/ gadgets that are really only useful when defending an objective, and there only being two different defensive objectives. I think they should either add more defensive objectives or a stand alone wave mode separate from the normal chapter missions, but I want to know what you guys think.
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2022.01.28 18:31 Villan_99 The queen is Eggman confirmed?

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2022.01.28 18:31 FrontpageWatch2020 [#224|+4284|151] hmm [r/hmm]

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2022.01.28 18:31 wtfisthetimeinjersey Theobromine

Anyone know if theobromine is safe to use during a candida cleanse as an alternative to caffeine? For those who don’t know, theobromine is a stimulant similar to caffeine that’s found in chocolate and I think a few other plants too. It’s not as potent or stimulating, but it still mildly increases energy levels/feelings of well-being. It could definitely help with getting through the day when you have work or school and are dealing with bad die off, just wasn’t sure whether or not you’d run into the same problems as caffeine when it comes to interactions with candida.
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2022.01.28 18:31 Appropriate_Ad7240 [NA][ENG][LFG] 7TH RANGER REGIMENT

The 7th rangers is a squad based community but we have branched out to tarkov! We have a player base of knowledgeable and seasoned Tarkov players that are willing to help and teach new players and play tactically with Tarkov veterans alike.
With channels dedicated to maps and ammo charts as well as our own Tarkov announcements systems so you can always stay in the know with what's going on in the world of Tarkov.
Come hop in our discord and get in on the fun. We play seriously and tactfully so make sure to bring your A game and become a 7th ranger!
Join the discord and head to our recruitment office and react to applicate and ask for an interview. Make sure to tell them you're here for EFT!

Discord: https://discord.gg/7thrangers
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2022.01.28 18:31 BoysenberryStatus767 It's Friday January 28, 2022

And Mo Drayton somehow still has a job
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2022.01.28 18:31 UniMaximal Haven't played Yugioh in years and wanted to build a Traptrix deck. Was graced by one of the Egyptian Gods themselves :O

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2022.01.28 18:31 STREAMofDESTINY [Pickwise] This is the backup we need....

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2022.01.28 18:31 littlepwn If you're in the middle hmu

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2022.01.28 18:31 Chad_Thundermember A recommendation to those who want to be a true stealth archer.

I've had my Archery skill maxed for the longest time. PS3 playthrough so I can't cheat it even if I wanted to. Here's what I recommend... And yes, I'm serious.
Play and beat Horizon Zero Dawn (or Forbidden West). That's it... After that, Archery in Skyrim will be absolutely second-nature to you.
The real struggle is the path from 90 to 100. Oh boy, trust me, it's gonna be grindy as hell. lol
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2022.01.28 18:31 nelson2k Carolyn's Fingers Cover

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2022.01.28 18:31 sixty3cents Ive been having suicidal thoughts because im so confused

You may see by my post history that a girl was involved. She is a very big reason in my depression, but I think she was more of a gateway.
About two weeks ago a girl I liked alot rejected me. She is the same one in my other posts. This has caused me alot of pain but its not just rejection pain.
I feel played by her because even tho when I asked her "do you want to date" she said no, we had been "dating" for a while. And she said this just after one of our dates too.
This situation has caused me to become insecure about my looks and personality. It has made me hate her and myself at the same time while still having feelings for her.
I know that she doesn't owe me a relationship or that maybe her mind changed and that me hating her would make me an incel. This is another reason I hate myself and am confused.
I dont know if I hate her because I'm an incel or maybe she really just played me and its ok not to like her.
I have a friend who saw how me and the girl interacted most of the day and she told me that the girl knew what she was doing. My friend said that the girl was very clearly acting like she liked me and everyone thought she did. Something in the back of my mind cant belive this while the other side of me wants to belive it.
This whole situation makes me feel embarrassed, weak, and hate myself.
I often wonder if she did like me but once she got to know me better changed her mind but I never know what to think.
One of the most troubling things to me is maybe a day or two after our last date u got a call from a number that I didnt know. I decided to answer it just because I was bored at the time, I was expecting a spam call but it wasn't.
When I answered the phone the person stated that it was the girls father and asked if I was dating his daughter. (It was not her father but I was shocked and in the moment I believed it) I told him I didn't really know if I was dating her or not (I was confused the whole time about this aswel) he then told me to suck his dick and hung up. This is when I realized it couldn't have been her father and must have been a prank call.
The issue is that only about 10 people have my number besides her and I know none of them would do this.
I asked her about it and at first she seemed surprised she asked for the number. She even said she WAS going to find out what happened. Then gave up very shortly after stating it would have to be a mystery forever.
At the time I thought that maybe she was confused about if we were dating as I was and maybe just wanted to find out but was to shy to ask me. So I asked her about 2 days later and she said no.
This is where I thought maybe her brother had done it but thinking about it makes me hate myself for how I handled the situation.
I have no i dea what happened for any of this but its making me go crazy constantly thinking about it.
About 3 days ago I started cutting myself, I dont really know why but I know I shouldn't.
I've reached out to my friends and they have tried to help me but it didn't work.
The worst part is the "relationship" I had with her before had me always questioning myself Atwell but I thought then that it might have been worth it in the end.
Now I have gone through all the struggles and the pain and the not eating and missing school because of her and I don't even know if I can call her an ex.
Because just before it ended she asked me to switch into some of her classes I have to see her everyday. Each time I see her I see a beautiful girl and she's charming and charismatic. She's also decently smart (ap classes and debate club)and she seems always happy and unaffected by what happened. and then I think of myself. I'm ugly and I have very little social skills and all the pain I feel. It seems unfair that in the end I have all the pain on me and she gets none. Its like I never existed to her and she's so happy and I'm so sad. I know I'm jealous but its hard not to think this way.
I hate myself for thinking like this and I know it makes me an incel but its hard not to think women have it easier.
I've become so confused I hate her and I love her and I hate myself.
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2022.01.28 18:31 Sailor_Chibi AITA for booking to go away the same weekend as my boyfriend leaving him to look after our daughter

This is a repost sub. I am not the OP. This was originally posted on AITA about 10 months ago with an update from 5 months ago.
My boyfriend and I have a 3-year old daughter together. He used to go away very occasionally by himself before we had her and this has increased quite a lot since she was born. Not for long periods, just a night or two. He also visits his daughter from a previous relationship - which is fine but I am mentioning as relevent later.
He is notoriously bad for informing me when he is going away. He always claims he told me and I forgot. There have been times where he he has arranged to see his daughter on weekends when plans have already been made (these were all pre covid). Once I had arranged for my mum to babysit for our anniversary and for us to go out. Another time I was meant to be attending a baby shower and needed him to watch our daughter. Another time I had arranged to go to the theatre with a friend. His daughter lives quite far away so he wouldn't have made it back in time to watch our daughter. He was fully aware of all these plans and claim he forgot when arranging to see his daughter. I didn't ask him to cancel as it is not fair on her so I had to make other arrangements in each case.
Obviously he has been going away less because of restrictions. As soon as they eased he has been going away. I have never had a night away for our daughter. I had made a couple of plans but each time a lock down happened so obviously they got cancelled. He says he encourages me to go away and he is not stopping me, I have tried to explain that his going away so much does stop me as someone needs to look after our child. Not comfortable for either of my parents to watch her yet just incase of any risk.
In the summer once restrictions are lifted I have arranged to see my friend for a couple of days. I told him about it and he said I couldn't do it on that date because he was going on a cycle holiday. I told him he hasn't told me anything about this and yet again he claims he did and I forgot. He asked me to cancel it saying I could go to my friends anytime. I could rearrange it but feel I shouldn't have to, he could also rearrange camping. So I have been refusing he is now in a sulk. Am I the asshole for not rearranging my plans?
Edit: I had got a family calendar when's the issues of him double booking seeing is daughter arose. Problem is he will only write in it if I nag him to do so. Or he will say he will do it later and not to treat him like a child.
in response to an info request about what the BF is like as a father:

He loves our daughter to pieces. But is very much for the fun stuff. He has started helping a bit more. For the last year also he has been helping with part-time and bedtime. Before that it was just me doing those things. She wakes up regularly in the night it is always me tending to her he says it's not his fault he is heavier sleeper. I have had to wake him before when she has been up from 1 a.m. and not settling back down and I have work in the morning so I can get a couple of hours sleep before work.
Not sure if anyone really wanted an update but the situation came to a head so I just wanted to vent. Thank you for everyone who commented.
So I had a word with him about the family calender and people's suggestions about if it's not on the calendar it doesn't exist. Making sure my time away was on there. He seemed to go along with it and said he would reschedule his cycle trip - great I thought!
Until it came to the morning of the trip. My bf often gets up super early and I roll over and go back to sleep so thought nothing of it when he was up early. Heard the door go but just presumed he was taking out the bins or something. When I woke up, couldn't find him and the car had gone. Tried to phone him - no answer. Some of his stuff had gone. Asked my neighbor to check his garage for my bfs bike (where he keeps it). It had gone. Confused and quietly seething at this point try his phone a couple more times. Nothing. Phone my friend at this point saying I can find him and will probably miss my train.
About midday I get a phone call. He had gone on his trip. Tells my to check the calendar. He has tipexed out my writing and written in his trip. I say a few choice words to him. He basically says it's my fault as I should have got up earlier. So I told him that he won and he is now free to go on as many cycle trips as he wants now.
Friend suggested taking the kids to the seaside (her son is a similar age). We spent the next day at the beach and had a nice time.
Told bf not to come back. He says I'm over reacting but I am done.
He came back on Sunday. Unfortunately can't change locks due to renting. Came back like nothing had really happened. I calmly asked him to leave as our daughter was about. He said he wasn't going anywhere and he will watch her next week so I could go away. I said I couldn't believe he has completely missed the point of what he had done. Called my brother and asked him to pick us up. We have been staying there until I can sort out the practical parts of the split. Ex has called non stop and turned up at my brother's house where brother turned him away. He has finally apologized. I said I am still done, I just don't have the energy or the will anymore.
in response to an info request about who owns their residence:
We rent, both names on the lease. I'm hoping he will do the sensible thing and stay with his friend. Unfortunately the reality is I can't kick him out and change locks. He is due back on the Sunday.
A comment update from about 4 months ago
I'm back at the flat now with my daughter. Ex is staying with a friend who has a spare room. Ex is helping out with the rent a bit until I can find somewhere more affordable. Last 2-weeks he has had on a Saturday and he has turned up. He is giving me child support at the moment which we are just doing directly between us.
He seems to think he is just giving me space despite the fact that I have told him I am done. My priority for the moment is making sure my daughter is as settled as possible, it has been very difficult for her not having him about as much as she used to.
A comment update from 2 months ago
Still at the flat until the lease is up, Ex is is still at a friend's as far as I know, he has started seeing someone else and visits with our daughter have become a little bit sporadic, but it's only been a month and he only sees her once a week anyway so so I will give it a little bit longer and if it keeps messing around I think I may have to go to court I don't want to stop her seeing her dad but also don't want him constantly letting her down.
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2022.01.28 18:31 FrontpageWatch2020 [#408|+989|522] Happy men are HOT [r/dating_advice]

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2022.01.28 18:31 TheCountRushmore The 2021 Montana airport passenger numbers are in

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2022.01.28 18:31 mistercrinkles I saw an eagle pick up a goat in Primal

That happened today. It was amazing. Shot it out of the sky and skinned em both.
That is all.
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2022.01.28 18:31 FrontpageWatch2020 [#943|+454|228] A friend sent this to me. I'm not sure if it's satire or what [r/punk]

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2022.01.28 18:31 Amaree__ FINALLY. it took 40 minutes bc I’m in class

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2022.01.28 18:31 TIHIbutnot Join BACA

We are community open to everyone but if Minecraft is not the only game you have we also have Animal Crossing and ARK Channels for you come enjoying a welcoming and growing community (DM for the discord link and you must be 13 years or older)
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2022.01.28 18:31 KingBullion Some Daphnia for my little guy

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