So... uh apex already pronounced me dead at the start of the round.

2022.01.28 18:42 K0DY_Lumine So... uh apex already pronounced me dead at the start of the round.

So... uh apex already pronounced me dead at the start of the round. This carried on from the second to the 4th round. I was constantly "bleeding out". It is kinda funny to see my yellow health bar regenerate instead of going down
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2022.01.28 18:42 LibrarianOpposite300 3 hours in and got a shiny!

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2022.01.28 18:42 clip_mirror_bot wait what ;

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2022.01.28 18:42 SimplyGameplayOnly Arkham Asylum - Xbox One - Part 1

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2022.01.28 18:42 pogogq Calming winter escape of panoramic snowy forest

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2022.01.28 18:42 FireBreed3r My Intentions Vs. Real Life

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2022.01.28 18:42 Eijin88 Online fraud and undelivered parcel.

Ordered a PS4 controller ,site looked very legit as they are using PayPal so I immediately let my guard down. They gave me a tracking number and the parcel was actually to be delivered, but Courier (Hermes) left the parcel (and took picture) in my front garden “safe place “
I never gave permission or specified for parcel to be left in safe place,my garden is surrounded only by a low wall in very busy road so I never (Amazon,DPD) have safe place specified. Parcel was gone and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Contacted the seller and explained that I was at work at the time of delivery and now the parcel is gone.
Their behaviour alarmed me,they kept insisting that if I’m not happy with my controller I should return it for refund over and over again.
Did some research after this and found a lot reviews on trustpilot that they are selling fake controllers and cease the contact when asked for refund. I looked into my bank statement (I used debit not PayPal for this transaction) and their company name is completely different from the website that sells PS4 accessories and instead it’s described as plumbing and heating company. I know I can contact my bank to get this sorted, but they are clearly doing fraud selling fake controllers and avoiding responsibility for undelivered goods isn’t there institution they can be reported?
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2022.01.28 18:42 Legal-Cancel-7660 THIS GUN IS INSANELY OP! - Rogue Company Funny Gameplay

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2022.01.28 18:42 thatboityler19 Bought the cup so fast I accidentally order the stricter pack that was sitting in my bag lol

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2022.01.28 18:42 F0REM4N Snag 3 Months GPU for $37 with promo code 93XSJ37 -

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2022.01.28 18:42 GPFlag_Guy1 Sampling music is apparently just as bad as stealing. Extra points for playing the "I'm Not Racist!" card. (From Kanye West’s controversial ‘Blame Game’ song.)

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2022.01.28 18:42 yuiolhjkout8y HONK HONK HONK

plz stop it
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2022.01.28 18:42 Sensee13 cayo b2b pd 3+ diamond hard

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2022.01.28 18:42 uoftmod 'A story of great resilience': After fleeing Taliban, stranded U of T Mississauga student turns to profs for help

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2022.01.28 18:42 BIGYOSHl How much

How much banks make in an hour? With the treasury skill?
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2022.01.28 18:42 omega2346 [PC] cisco professional kit 10 AP's is this decent?
seems like a bit overkill for my shed, but its a really good deal.
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2022.01.28 18:42 angrycatmeowmeow This apprentice mechanic is way too spicy

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2022.01.28 18:42 sheefMoses Relapse - edging soft porn - 37 days streak

I thought I was capable of doing it, I thought I could see some pics of naked girls (escorts) and touch myself a little bit, but without ejaculate. I liked to surf this escort websites and choose which girl I’ll meet on the weekend.
I start touching myself in the night and morning sometimes using imagination and others seeing pictures , I had this amazing sexual energy, I never did 15 days without cum. My dick was always bigger than when I had 3 days streaks without cum, I felt that I lose my PIED and felt more masculine. But then the relapse day arrived. Today I couldn’t hold it…
Before the edging I felt clean and a lot of the usual benefits of nofap. But when I start edging, I start to have negative sides again, shame, lack of focus, low energy… I feel bad for relapse, but not like before, I can feel good for make this big progress and learn with this mistake.
I believe that one day I’ll be great again.
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2022.01.28 18:42 ruperhat অফার মূল্যে লাইট গুলো সংগ্রহ করে সাজিয়ে ফেলুন নিজের ঘরটি 💎 জানুয়ারি মাসে সর্বোচ্চ কেনাকাটা করে জিতে নিন পুরস্কার। ১ম পুরস্কারঃ ডায়মন্ডের নাকফুল ২য় পুরস্কারঃ ৩০০০ টাকার ভাউচার ৩য় পুরস্কারঃ ২০০০ টাকার ভাউচার

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2022.01.28 18:42 Bleh182 RIP account :(

I recently got back into rs after a good few years and I’ve been grinding on my new account.
It’s been so much fun considering I’m limited to mobile, but the app is decent! Until today when I logged in and it asked me to choose a display name before it would allow me to log in. I thought it was weird since I thought jagex only clear names from inactive accounts. But I thought whatever and chose the display name I had prior.
I spawned in on tutorial island :( I legit don’t know what happened or what would’ve caused it, can anyone shed some light on this?
I really want to get back into rs but I really can’t be arsed to start over again for a third time lmao
Thanks bois
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2022.01.28 18:42 JanIntelkor Will buying a Amano shrimp help with this algae in my neocaridina and caridina tank?

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2022.01.28 18:42 DexterLina86 Dog Won’t Stop Chewing Stitches

So our dog had an accident where she broke our front door glass and has stitches on both arms. I feel terrible for her. But she is also driving us crazy!!! She literally cannot be left alone. If we leave her for any length of time, she will find a way to chew on the stitches. We’ve tried a hard plastic cone (she literally ate it until she could reach the bandages), the soft doughnut one, and even got desperate and wrapped the bandages with packing tape. She’s been able to chew everything off. Any tips or products we might not be aware of? It’s not feasible for us to literally not leave her alone in the house until they heal. Thanks!
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2022.01.28 18:42 Consistent-Manager-1 Lost wax casting is so damn expensive

No more to say just wanted to share my pain lol
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2022.01.28 18:42 bdeeney098 [REQ] $200 [PAY] $250 on January 32, 2022

Hey guys I need a short term loan to be paid back on Monday. Please help of you can. Thanks!!
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2022.01.28 18:42 Risesohigh33 Until the Work is Done--Chapter Twelve--For Earth

First--Until the Work is Done
Previous--Blood in the Water

Chapter Twelve-- For Earth
"Cohort Heavy-Armor Six approaching. Rounding into form."
The crackle of our forward armor divisions cut through the air of the command post in which I'm stationed. I wait a few miles behind our initial surge until it is my turn, so for now, I stare at the video they transmit to us, surveying their every move. Hundreds of Beatle Tanks, Thunder Cruisers and more heavy armor barrel toward their target. At their feet, a blitzkrieg of lighter craft rides with them. Around the world, it is the same sight.
Operation Lightning Rod has begun.
I lean forward. "Operator 67-902," I say into the microphone, reading my man's callsign "be advised. The Higgan operate on a relative hive mind. They aren't connected on one brain wave, they're independent thinkers, but their tactics are less about strategy and more about brute force. They see an objective, and they work together to complete it. Then they move to the next. Efficiency is their game."
I give the same instructions that Trevor and I detailed in our countless meetings about how to meet the Higgan in battle. I'll repeat them as many times as I have to so I can get my point across. The men and women fighting on earth know plenty about our enemy, but it never hurts to remind them.
"Underground, they attempt to run over you. Overwhelm you. On the surface, it will likely be the same. It's been successful simply because of their ferocity. When they get amongst you, it's all over. They whip each other into a frenzy, and most of our people panic."
I pause.
"It is your job to allow them to swarm." I pause again. "Then you vaporize them."
"Operator 67-902, copy. Understood, sir. Let's ride."
"Most people panic?" I hear Wigham ask.
I turn slightly, so she can see my right eye. "Yes, most. Some embrace the chaos."
I turn back to the screen.
Our armor units know their job. Draw attention. They will face Higgan ferocity today, and they must not panic. That's why I keep repeating this shit. To reassure them? Absolutely.
To reassure myself? Even more so.
My brother stands behind me along with Trevor and other officers as we wait for our moment. Every one of us is outfitted for war. I feel my railgun weapons begging to be let loose. My blades crave Higgan blood.
Then the first Higgan missiles slither out of their hidden gun points in the sand and the men and women of earth start to die by the hundreds. Fireballs bloom. I hear screams before they're cut out.
Our heavy armor responds with fire of their own. They continue to push forward.
I slam on the microphone again. "Chaotic, target those gun points," I say to a frigate I know waits just above the atmosphere.
A moment passes, and I hear my response. "Second Gunner Henderson responding. LightFrigate Chaotic bringing bombardment in ten."
The bombs drop out of the atmosphere minutes later, erupting as they touch down and utterly obliterate a Higgan gun point, clearing a path on the left side of the advance.
To win the day, we'll have to use every advantage at our disposal. Owning the airspace above this offensive is an advantage I don't want us to waste.
"Stay sharp up there, Chaotic," I say. "Be advised of Higgan ship advance if it comes. We are unsure what response our enemy has in store for us."
"You think they have shields ready to deploy?" Wigham asks from behind me. Though I'm severely outranked in this room, no one has objected to my calls and orders. They know who I am, and they trust my judgement.
I type in an order to the table and it is sent out to all of our heavy armor units. "I would imagine so. That's the point. If they do, I want them to reveal their hand."
The response to the order I typed in is swift. Our heavy units slow, not to a stop, but to a slower pace forward. More die for this order as the Higgan don't stop returning fire. But two more frigates in our atmosphere begin to pepper the Higgan colony's guns.
And within a moment, the Higgan reveal exactly what I was expecting. A shield dome springs up over their colony, and I offer a smile.
I look over my shoulder at Wigham. "They were wary to use that shield, knowing we'd be able to track it and its energy output. Now, they don't care. But, now we know. Make sure everyone around the world knows this."
She nods, turning on a heel and beginning to shout. "You heard Augustus. Give the order around the world where we have air superiority," she says to the engineers. It isn't everywhere, but we have the advantage in the air in a couple of other spaces. "I want to know which colonies have shields. Tell our ships to rain hell."
I look across the table at an engineer watching the advance. "I want to know exactly where that chain's reactor is. Follow the heat map. Get it to me now."
"Yes, sir," the woman responds, sharply and turns to return to her post.
"Cohort Heavy-Armor Six, full speed ahead. Let's move," I say into the microphone again.
The heavy armor will continue to play their part today, to be sure. But to knock out that shield, it will be soldiers on foot. The armor isn't agile enough to get close or they'll be blown apart. Not to mention, the reactor for that shield is underground, funneled up to the surface using some sort of Higgan conduction technology.
It will be waves of foot soldiers that breach the colony which will be tasked with the final objective of lowering the shield so we can surround the Higgan and decimate them.
And once the armor has punched us our hole, we must move with speed.
I watch the advance for what feels like forever, watching as the casualties mount. Thousands die in what's become absolute chaos. Thousands more lie in burning tanks, cruisers and other craft, wounded and dying, not long for this world. The Higgan pour out of their colony, knowing they cannot let us inside, lest they fall victim like their brethren that Trevor and I had the pleasure of slaughtering on Higoltha.
There are so many more than I anticipated. We had only brief heat signature readings before our tracking devices went dark after tagging the Higgan, and we found thousands of heat signatures even then.
They wash over our tanks and heavy armor like a plague. I watch with horror as a massive Higgan leaps through the air at the cockpit of a Beatle Tank, landing on the top of its head. As the Beatle Tank continues to trudge forward, the Higgan pulls a rifle from its back, aims it, and fires directly down into the cockpit.
I enhance the video, finding nothing but blood and human remains splattered on the viewports as the tank grinds to a stop. Then the same Higgan finds the overhead hatch, pulls it open and throws itself inside, followed by a dozen more of its fellow warriors.
I know every human in that tank is about to die a horrible death.
I switch the feed.
It's the same sight no matter which camera I move to. The maneuverability of the Higgan and their light craft is enough to swarm our heavy armor. Much of our force fights valiantly in return. A squad of Higgan is vaporized by swirling railgun fire on the left flank. A mortar round that tears Higgan limbs apart from each other detonates on the right. It is utter carnage on both sides.
Then I see the massive heat signatures of tanks and other armor that are overrun, so they blow their self-destruct buttons, taking hundreds of swarming Higgan with them.
I close my eyes at the death. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder.
I turn to find Trevor. He offers his right hand, and I grip his forearm with my own hand. "Time to go," he says.
I shake a few other hands. Lieutenant Colonel winks at me. "Don't die out there, son. You were my second draft pick."
Not in the mood for her humor, I turn away, but she stops me with a hand on my shoulder. I turn back.
Humor evaporated, she gives me a stern nod. "You have much work to do, Augustus. You will return, yes?" she asks.
"Wouldn't dream of dying in the sand," I say, sharply. "When I die, I will be buried in the snow alongside my parents and grandparents. My other family. That is my wish. I don't intend on giving up on it."
Wigham nods. "Born of the ice and snow. No wonder you survived Higoltha. Your blood runs cold."
"Always has."
When I turn away from her, I come face-to-chin with my brother. He and I lock eyes, having not been given the luxury of fighting side by side like Trevor and I. I would've given anything to have him at my side.
There's a moment where we just look at each other, acknowledging that after so long apart, this may be our final moment together. It's completely unfair, but life has never been fair. Not for him, and certainly not for me. It's as human as I've felt in a hell of a long time looking at Leo, knowing I'd give anything to keep him safe, but also knowing he's his own man, and his life is in his own hands.
We slam into another hug.
When I pull back, my brother looks on the verge of tears. Then that part of him fades, replaced by a hardened soldier who knows what he must face, knows he could likely die and accepts his fate no matter what it may be. He nods. "You came back to us once, don't you dare let that be the last time. You hear me, Aaron?"
I offer a fist for him. He bumps it with his own.
"Wouldn't fucking dream of it."
Ninety seconds.
Our ship flies forward with hundreds on either side of us, racing toward the hole that our armor bought us with what is now over a hundred thousand lives. All around me, transports are hit and die fiery deaths. My heart thunders in my chest.
Trevor offered me the benediction this time. And so I rise to my feet.
I turn to the rest of the transport, men and women armed to the teeth. They will ride with me anywhere. This I know.
I begin to slam my fist into my chest, and Trevor echoes with me. Then five more. Ten men in a row join us. Then twenty women. Then the entire transport is thumping their fists to their chests as we march to the beat of our own death.
I see grins in the face of such misery. Good.
"Stand with me, my brothers and sisters!" I roar.
Six hundred men and women, veterans of Higoltha all, fly to their feet. We stand with one heartbeat. We are the vengeance of the murdered masses of humanity, the shield of the billions of innocent human lives and the sword that will cut the Higgan down to size.
I scan every face in this transport, knowing they'd all die for me, as I would for them. They've fought and bled on the most hostile planet humanity has ever had the pleasure of visiting. They have met the Higgan in battle before and now they must fight these devils on another.
And not a single one of them falters. No one so much as blinks as we race to meet our fate.
"You have all fought with me on Higoltha," I say, turning on the microphone in my suit. "You have all seen the fire, fought the flames and lived to tell the tale. What say you?"
One, thunderous thump of fists to chests.
"But this is not Higoltha! This is earth!" I scan my fellow Fireborn. "THIS IS OUR FUCKING PLANET."
Two, thunderous thumps of fists to chests.
I climb up onto a bench in the transport. "I SAID THIS IS OUR FUCKING PLANET. AND WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THE HIGGAN WHO MEAN TO TAKE IT FROM YOU?" I take a deep breath. "THE FIRE!"
"THE FIRE!" They repeat.
"Will you ride with me? Will you ride with me though you know not where we go?"
Three, thunderous thumps of fists to chests.
I raise my fist, cradling my rifle in my arm. "WE RIDE!"
I turn toward the cockpit. "Pilot!" I say into my comms unit. I pull in another breath, snarling.
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